What is Project 628?

Project 628 is your one-stop creative media production house that specializes in marketing and advertising materials. Project 628 produces media materials for any types of business or people in the creative industry.

We are a select team of young, vibrant creatives with a genuine passion for what we do. Project 628 consists of real artists and professionals with plenty of experience and knowledge in their respective fields.

Besides media production project 628 are very proactive in the creative industry and truly believe in supporting local performers and artists that strive to make it in the business. Project 628 have created a TV show on C31 Melbourne (Channel 44 Digital) Media Strikes Back, they also organized live music events that featured local artist like Bandemonium, Retalination and Paparazzi. Project 628 wanted to continuously support Performers and artists even after they have been on Media Strikes Back. So they decided to create an online media support community that showcase and promote these talented people called Media Renegades.

As always, here at Project 628, there is always an ever-expanding multitude of projects in the workings. No rest for the wicked, you know how it goes. So, if you are not here for business, there are still plenty to see and check out so come along for the ride! Definitely have a look on what we have to offer after all we are here for YOU.

What makes Project 628 more than your run-of-the-mill media company?

The pillars that serve as the foundation and grounding for Project 628 are as follows:

Accessibility. Affordability. Creativity. Diversity. Commitment.

Project 628 makes it our mission to serve as a standalone company that helps individuals and businesses grow from the ground up. We aim to be affordable and accessible for everyone in the creative industry, supporting communities and building legends.

We will not judge you because you do not make enough money, or you have not earned enough fame on your own, or you have a distinct style or niche no one seems to be feeling. That’s why we are here. We want you to stand on our shoulders, because everyone needs, and deserves that initial lift. We want you to have a chance to create something you never thought you would have the chance on creating.

Who knows maybe your Heavy Metal/Electro/Gangnam Style remix is the next big thing? Maybe you are the next viral sensation just waiting to be discovered? And just maybe that short film script you wrote in high school, you know the one where zombies from outer space and dinosaurs from the future try to enslave the human race, could actually turn you into the next Kubrick? Without us you will never know, and if we didn’t give you that chance, neither would we.

By the way, did I mention Project 628 utilizes an arsenal of ground-breaking methods and innovative ideas to help you succeed in today’s media saturated world?

Why the sweet name?

Project 628 was founded by the enigma that is Tristan Manas. Following this trend the origins of Project 628 are shrouded in mystery.

Maybe it is called project 628 because of the fact it covers a multitude of projects? Maybe it is because generally what project 628 produces lies in between the time frame 6pm to 8pm? Maybe it is even simpler and it’s just a catchy name? Maybe it is a mixture of all of this? Just maybe…

Cut to the chase, what can you do for me?

We specialize in and have extensive experience in the following areas:

– Marketing, Advertisement and Promotion materials

– Film and Photography for Events

– Model Portfolio and Catalogues

– Music and Artist Developments

– Recording Artist in a home base studio

– Promo, Music and Dance Videos

Note: we will pretty much do anything else that creative mind of yours can conjure up. Seriously, try us! We’re not calling ourselves a ‘creative’ media company because it’s trendy (which it is, but besides the point). The point is, don’t be afraid to share your brilliance (or utter stupidity) with us!