Promo and Marketing

Video is an effective marketing and promotional tool for any business. In this digital era it is impossible to run a successful business without a strong social network presence. Your business or event could benefit having promotional video that will help convey your messages to your viewers. Video capabilities on all popular Social networks and smart phones makes accebility to your promo video with ease.

  1. Promo Videos Get Personal
    When you watch a promo video, you get more than a few lines of texts and a couple of Photoshopped pictures. Promo videos often feel real when you see the character’s facial expressions, body language and even hear their vocal tones and how they emphasize different thoughts. The combination of seeing and hearing encourages trust and loyalty, especially in this day-and-age where business is done virtually rather than face-to-face. A promo video gives your business a bit of personality.

  2. Promo Videos Are Great For Demos
    InternetRetailer tells us that consumers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video of that product. A detailed product description and countless pictures of a product cannot describe a product as well as a promo video can. Demo videos add depth, show the product in a more natural setting, and demonstrate how it actually works. Through video, consumers get to see all the unique features of a product that pictures and text cannot easily explain.

  3. Watching a Video is Easy
    Video also makes information easier to digest when consumers receive multi-sensory stimulation. Entrepreneur Magazine’s Starr Hall explains it this way, “Video connects customers on a deeper level because it covers and reaches out to different types of learning styles: the visual where people learn by reading or seeing demonstrations of a product or service and the auditory where people connect by listening to audio.”

  4. Videos Entertain and Educate
    Videos play a very important role in the consumer decision-making process. Since videos are an opportunity for businesses to educate and also to entertain customers, video marketing becomes a powerful tool for businesses to promote their products and services. Great promo videos work because consumers associate positive feelings with a business and product after watching a video that was able to keep their full attention.

  5. Video Serves as Another Touchpoint With Consumers
    A multi-channel marketing approach is important to convince more consumers to purchase a product or service. Video is just one of many marketing channels that businesses pursue to engage consumers, but it is so persuasive because it is often the most memorable. Business videos work because they bring all the other marketing messages together and improve sales.

Creating a promo video is easy (especially with GoAnimate’s Video Makers!) And there are at least five very compelling reasons why your business should have one. As long as you keep it real, entertaining, and educational, your customers will be hooked.