Who We Are

Project 628 is a media production house. We plan, we shoot, we click, we cut, we glue, we smile and we create stories through film and photography. Started from the ashes of Mount Doom and graduated at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Managing Director of Project 628 Tristan Manas expanded over the temperamental weather of Melbourne to fulfill his own vision.

What We Do

Project 628 focuses on the creative media industry. We create media materials for promotion, events, commercial, marketing and advertising companies.

We Specialize in Film, Photography, Music, Graphic Design, Events and artist management.

Our Mission Plan

The Mission which we chose to accept.. Create a diverse, creative and a one stop shop creative media house. We want to be accessible and affordable for everyone in the creative industry. Big or small, groups or individuals, we’ll help in anyway we can. We want to provide a service that can help people moving forward.

Our Services