Project 628 produces a range of entertainment TV shows ranging from music, fashion, arts, culture, sports and more.


Media Strikes Back

Media strikes back is a show that highlights the Australian community, with its vast and varied cultures that make this country so wonderful and appealing to all. There is no rock unturned with the MSB Team, they seek out and discover the talents of the many individual, groups and future stars that shine so bright within our grand country. You will enjoy a wide range of up and coming and established artists, bands, performers, models, festivals, entrepreneurs and more. This show has something for everybody and art lovers alike.


MSB Season 8



FASX is a reality TV show where your girl next door compete in different challenges revolving around modeling in every episode.




A live music show that focus on Melbourne’s RAW music talent! Every episode of XclusivoX imcludes a full jam session with one of Melbourne’s best upcoming artist and an insight of what their music are all about!