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Signals in Silence - Top of Trees

Top of Trees

a five-piece rock band from the north-western/western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. This unique group consists of Tom Farfalla (Lead vocals/piano).
Phil Glanvill (guitar/vocals), N. Bison (guitar/vocals), Andy Christ (drums), Dwayne Videl (bass)

Incorporating musical elements from alternative, progressive and punk rock, yet still maintaining a strong pop sensibility, the band’s sound is a unique, but familiar experience.
With a strong focus on melody and a commanding atmosphere, We aim to capture the attention of anybody who will listen by injecting passion and soul back into rock music.



Busy Kingdom - Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction

Brothers Brendan and Michael Etherington hail from Sydney. The two spent years writing and performing as part of a band, but moved to Melbourne to start afresh. Recruiting Curtis on bass and Alex on drums, Busy Kingdom’s melodic rock music was finally able to flourish.

The guys have been described as “… a band that has that rare spark: amazing live energy and feel-good songs that bury themselves in your head”. Regulars in the Melbourne music scene, Busy Kingdom are always working hard on new music.



Sushi - Biyaheng Malayo

Biyaheng Malayo

Sushi is a versatile artist originating from RnB to the pop scene. Writing his own songs and breaking to the industry, Sushi’s music will definitely take you to a nostalgic turn and have a chilling with his vibes.