Stephanie H


Stephanie has been entertaining people since she learnt to walk and talk.
Before any training at the age of 3 she would regularly sit down family and friends to watch her sing and act out her favourite songs.
Her formal training began in 1997 where she learnt to sing, dance and act at the Young Talent Time school where she first got a grasp on lessons performing in concerts.
After 2 years she was taken to the David Jaanz School of singing for formal singing and performance training regularly performing in the children’s academy.
After a couple of years she was spotted by David himself and asked to be one of his students and has been ever since 15 years later.
Stephanie had the pleasure in her years of Jaanz to meet and sing alongside artists such as Gabriella Cilmi and Matt Corby to name a few plus many more of Australia’s top artists from leading singing school.

In school she was passionate about the performing arts and during her years also attended the Children’s Performing Company of Australia where she performed in regular theatre productions and found a love of being on camera.

Stephanie continued on after year 12 to study a bachelor of music performance at the JMC academy in South Melbourne. After 2 years she left to work on her first solo EP where she worked with producer Jhay C which gave her many performance opportunities in Melbourne’s nightlife scene.
Stephanie is not only passionate about singing and performing but has a strong overall love of entertaining people and wanting them to feel something when doing what she loves.
In 2012 Stephanie applied for a presenter role in a new production on Channel 31 called Media Strikes back.
She originally got the role of a web presenter. During the course of filming Stephanie fell in love with the presenter’s role and through a lot of hard work and constant practice and constant commitment for the show, this was recognised and got promoted as one of the main presenters on the show as of season 2 which premiered in September 2012.
Following the success of the seasons, through constant commitment Stephanie was offered her own show focusing purely on music, which is currently in production and set to premiere on December 2 2013 and channel 31.

The start of 2013 spelt differently in terms of musical direction for Stephanie.
Presenting helped her realise her love of team effort and decided to join a new aspiring dance/pop group DTK.
The group comprises of 3 members including herself along with 2 males, Troy; a singer and choreographer, and Sky; a rapper from Manhattan, New york.
Together they form DTK (Delivering total Khaos) and since have been rehearsing to entertain people all over Melbourne.
Stephanie is also currently studying business to gain further knowledge on industry to be able to apply in the future.
Stephanie has a strong passion for health and fitness and trains hard to be able to provide a high-energy show with DTK time and time again
Stephanie’s goals and aims are to gain a presenter role on a commercial station, write and produce for her group DTK and be able to perform live shows across Melbourne in 2014 and eventually take her career internationally and influence people all over the world.